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WHITE- Lively and bright, White is a lovely floral fragrance that can make you crazy.Its exquisite cloying notes of fresh fruit and flowers are Blooming on a fresh agreement Chypre and jasmine. Enhanced by the sublime Duet, this infinite fresh buds bloom is laying on a bed of notes of white musk and Patchouli. Positive harmony and winking to a female Duke Crown mischievous and irresistible.The words of the Perfumer Duke Crown White Woman gives himself at first glance. Is an exciting gift for oneself or others, to grasp without hesitation. Master Perfumer-Creator Duke Crown.

BLACK- He is man able to Intuit how to face life plans that others can appear impossible.A courageous idealist looking for answers that will allow them to achieve new results without being influenced by limits or apparent difficulty.A man driven by an uncontrollable desire to dare, indulging his passions and braving the uncertainty to chase a dream.For those considering an achievement only reached the first step towards the next destination, so the master perfumer's nose in collaboration with its laboratories he thought this perfume.

NEW women's fragrance

White Diamonds Awesome wearing it. ... Scheming with a hint of fresh warm sensual brio but at the same time, the Master perfumer's nose has outdone itself with a unique fragrance exclusively for Duke Crown to donate to you ... Female!!

NEW perfume for men Diamonds Black

Is special ... you wear and I can never do without, truly exceptional Master perfumer's nose to selected for extraordinary fragrance full of vigor and Duke Crown caliente, like in the desert sun.






All our perfumes are top quality, niche and fragrances used are highly natural, to ensure the sophistication and 30% are alcohol-based to concentré.

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