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It was the Duke's Aterlir


Our history from Montenapoleone N° 8-Milan

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The Studio of Duke was born in 1593 in Italy near Florence in the service of Duke Alessandro I de ' Medici.The workshop was to produce haute couture garments, precious jewelry and the first beauty essences for the Duke.Was very successful and became very popular even at national level.Ceased activity in that period of history, a few years ago a couple of ambitious entrepreneurs decided to reassess the history of the prestigious workshop of the time used exclusively by Duke, and in homage to Florence, to our country Italy opens with pride the "Duke Crown" using the term Anglo-Saxon to spread across national boundaries also the prestige of Italy with the highest quality products by pointing to a fine line of luxury perfumes, and the environment we've created Very nice fragrances for home or Office.

Substantial novelty in addition to the name in English of the Brand has decided to place an exclusive and unique Crown with embroidering Florence Lily symbol that encompasses all of the real made in Italy, this to make everything modern and Captivate the look of the new mark.

Perfumes fragrances use in their only four Duke Crown, the highest quality materials, expression of olfactory research of great master Perfumer "internationally renowned Italian.Natural fragrances then with a concentration of 30% alcohol base, for a production Made in Italy.

Duke Crown Black man and White woman, they release that Duke Crown refined air of Regal charm that already is perceived by the contemporary luxury of a visual class rich, essential style and eco-friendly.

To further enhance the two scents are offered the Diamond line man and woman and woman who, like practice special edition in high-quality artistic perfumery at delicate fragrances, persistent and unique details, as in this case combines natural delicious fragments of crystals


To feel good you need to surround yourself with everything that gives thrill like home fragrances created by the "nose Perfumer" wafting aromas only at home or in the Office.


Coming soon ... a capsule collection of fashion accessories and jewelry ...

Perfumes and room diffusers: Duke Crown you can buy in the e-shop of the company or in the prestigious Boutique and  in select perfumeries, and 5 star hotels in the world, ideal for understanding the essence of the project Duke Crown.


Duke Crown perfume and Perfumers a project Made in Italy

The concept and manufacture, olfactory research in collaboration with one of the most important Italian perfumers ' noses the internationally acclaimed Italian master perfumer for Duke Crown has interpreted loosely responding to a curious question: when think about life, fun, health, wellness, image and social status ... What is the smell that comes to your mind?Each interpretation is very personal, intriguing. Our essences as raw material-high-quality ingredients come from France and Italy and are processed and create a perfume finished by master and amorevolemte packed.

Friends of animals

since the formulation of our first cosmetics, we never took into consideration the hypothesis to test the finished product on animals.Certifications and Environment the goal that Duke Crown gave themselves since the beginning of its activity is the production and marketing of cosmetic products designed in harmony with nature and mankind.

If you are interested in our Brand and become a store contact us via mail: support (@) dukecrown.com

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